Who we are

Who We are:

Our romance with carpets started at a very early age. While our friends horsed around on merry -go-rounds and monkey bars, we played cops and robbers on the carpet factory. Carpet Factory were our playgrounds. Eventually, along with that came the ability to recognize what it takes to manufacture a quality custom hand knotted carpets.

We are proud to be Nepal’s 2nd Generation of Carpet Manufacturer’s ambitious, young and well guided by seniors. Our working relation with french & other foreign companies & our unique skill-set to get things done make us the best custom hand knotted carpet manufacturing company in Nepal.

Company startedin 1987 with new and innovative ideas for the manufacture and distribution of Nepalese carpets globally. French designers contribute their cutting edge familiarity with the tastes, trends and fashions in design that appeal to Western consumers. This company expertise in the traditional Himalayan carpet weaving craftsmanship of Nepal joins hands with our French designers in order to offer these unique carpets to the world. The result is that you have the opportunity to purchase carpets that integrate the rich colors, contrasts and harmony that epitomize these carpets woven for centuries here in Nepal.

Our professional French carpet designers will assist you in bringing harmony to your home or your office, to your restaurant or hotel, to your schools or your college, or indeed as in the case of a recent client to your palace.

What we do