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Type of Rugs

Type of Rugs

These floor coverings are production in Asian nations, in especially, Nepal, Iran, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, and China. Some of these floor coverings are considered as speculation, on the grounds that their quality has a tendency to acknowledge with time. There are distinctive sorts of hand-made mats: hitched, tufted and level weave.

  • Hand Knotted Rugs:

These are the “genuine” floor coverings. They are woven by hand, and one mat could without much of a stretch take really long time…The more tightly and the closer the bunches, the better the nature of the carpet.

Vegetable colors will make the shade of the floor covering keep going for more time. Some syntactic colors will run and blur speedier yet there are accessible in more assortment of hues and shades. The corners must be consummately square (shape a point of 90 degrees).The design and the outlines of good carefully assembled floor coverings are normally the aftereffects of the weavers and have their own particular uniqueness.

  • Hand Tufted Rugs:

Punching yarn in a material that is connected to a casing more often than not makes these floor coverings, and their backs are stuck with latex for assurance after the snaring of yarn is finished. They are exceptionally extravagant, economical and simpler to make than hand tied floor coverings. The innovation is progressing in this field, and machines likewise are right now delivering these floor coverings.


  • Level Weave Rugs:

These carpets are additionally called “Shaggy.” They are normally made of fleece, cotton, bamboo, or nylon. They are less demanding to make and are lesser costly. Since they are circled, these floor coverings can unwind if a string is pulled.