Making Process

Process and making of carpets

Drafting a graph
After having selection of design color and the size of carpet, a full size, color templates will be drafted into the graph by graphic artist for the weavers to see the design and color accurately.








Preparing wool
The wool is sheared from Tibetan highland sheep which are indigenous to the Himalayan region. The wool must be cleaned, combed and sorted by hand. New Zealand wool is imported pre-cleaned and sorted and blended with Tibet
an wool as specified and mixed with the carding machine then send to spinning team for to create spun wool.

Dying and Winding

Spun wool is sent offsite to be dyed and comes back on large racks from which it must be wound into balls of yarn. Winding is done by the eldest Women, It only requires three to four hours of work a day. The wound balls of yarn are then inventoried by color and gauge until they are to be used in a carpet.

The method of weaving is distinct by virtue of wrapping a continuous length of yarn over a metal rod laid across each row of pile on the loom. Once the rod has been wrapped, the yarn is cut, thereby producing two rows of pile. The number of weavers depends upon the size of the carpet. Anywhere from one to five weavers will work on a single carpet at the same time. Sitting side by side, the weavers will converse, laugh and even sing songs while working.

once the weaving is completed, a final inspection is made and finishing touches are added to ensure a carpet of the highest quality. The carpet is turned over and each knot is individually pressed to provide a smooth, uniform finish on the backside. The carpet pile is then clipped by hand so that the carpet surface is even and smooth. The design is then trimmed by cutting the outlines of each color to give the pattern realize.

Washing and cleaning
All carpets are washed (unless specified otherwise by the customer). Afterward, they are dried in the open air. Once these many steps have been accomplished, your carpet is ready for shipment.

Preparation for shipment
Carpets are wrapped in several sheets of thick plastic to protect it from the elements and covered with jute sacks. We take care that carpet will arrive at your door undamaged and ready to add warmth and beauty to your home for generations to come.