• What is Tibetan Rug and why is it diverse?

Tibetan Rug is a hand tied rugs utilized for floor covering and also inside decorations. Tibetan floor coverings are made by antiquated conventional weaving procedure. It is the most strong floor covering on the planet. It is more prevalent due to specially craft capacities.

  • What is Loom?

Weaver is an edge made by iron and wood, the essential motivation behind weaving machine is to hold the twist strings under pressure to make the bunches and encourage the joining of the weft strings.

  • What is twist and weft?

In weaving Rugs, the twist is the arrangement of the long way yarns that are held in pressure on an edge or linger. The yarn that is embedded over-and-under the twist strings is known as the weft, woof, or filler.

  • What is Knots?

The cotton twist is the establishment of the floor coverings, when fleece or silk or some other yarns are fixing to the cotton twist to make up the heap, it is called hitches. Bunches is regularly allude to arrange the nature of the weave. For instance 100 Knots floor covering implies there are 100 bunches for each square creep (KPSI). Higher bunches implies higher yarns thickness which plans clearer. Bunches is much the same as a PC or Television screen, higher pixels implies higher quality picture.

  • What is heap stature?

Heap stature is a thickness of a floor covering or thickness of a heap.

  • What is diverse between Chinese Silk and Local Silk?

Chinese Silk is a superb silk from China which comes as a readymade strings which is a standout amongst the most well known silk on the planet, the strings are fine and rich. Nearby silk is a silk made in Nepal, we purchase silk covers with the neighborhood agriculturists and process the yarn out of it, by handling the silk locally by hand the nature of yarn is bit harsh however gives one of a kind surface to the carpet. Local silk is less expensive than the Chinese silk.

  • What is a base and greatest size you can make?

The base size we can make is little swatch like 10X10 cmor 30X30 cmfor test strike offs. The most extreme size we can do is 12 meters to the width X 30 meters to the length. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have rehash plan we can make any size as required.

  • Could you make multi materials carpet?

Yes we have made numerous carpets mix of Wool, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Allo, banana silk, Bamboo silk and jute in a solitary mat.

  • Could you make multi heap tallness mat? In the event that yes what number of various statures you can do in a solitary carpet?

We can do any distinctive statures as you such as, in past we have made a solitary carpet with 10 unique statures for multi-dimensional impact.

  • What is the least and most noteworthy heap stature you can do?

Most minimal heap tallness we can do is 3mm and most elevated can make up to 70mm or 7cm thick heap statures.

  • What number of hues would I be able to use to plan in a solitary carpet?

You can utilize ANY number of hues. Number of hues under 10 is considered a standard configuration floor covering and has a typical cost, yet cost will be higher after each 10 hues.

  • My configuration is excessively mind boggling, would you be able to make my outline in any size?

We can make any configuration however estimate must be identical to the many-sided quality of the outline. An exceptionally complex outlines implies change of shading/material/heap tallness in short separation. In 1 cm there will be about 4 ties in 100 bunches mat and if there are 5 distinctive change in 1 cm that can’t be conceivable. We prescribe you to send us your configuration for assessment on the off chance that you think your outline is excessively mind boggling. After assessment we can give you a base size necessity of your configuration. In the event that your outline is excessively mind boggling, making it impossible to fit in your required size there are 2 choice. Either expand the bunches number or edit your outline. Expanding the bunches tally can be at some point valuable on the grounds that higher bunches mat have higher thickness of bunches. Our most extreme bunch tally is 200 bunches for each square crawl, on the off chance that you outline can’t be made in 200 Knots the choice left is to build a floor covering measure or edit a configuration.

  • I have my own particular outline, in what capacity would I be able to send it to you, do you have any extraordinary necessity?

You can send us your configuration by email, your outline can be a photo, genuine picture of nature, a work of art, a vector or raster craftsmanship, high quality canvases or draw, renderings and so forth. You can send it to us at lakarpet@gmail.com

  • I have my own thought yet I don’t know how to plan it, would you be able to help me?

Yes, you can keep in touch with us your thought in much detail as could reasonably be expected, any pictures of motivation and the way you need to see your carpet. Our fashioners will help you to make a PC made renderings. You can likewise send us the photo of a room and we can make a PC CAD putting your floor covering nearby.

  • I am an inside originator, I need to request custom floor coverings however I am not certain how to begin?

Our custom floor covering administration is extraordinarily intended for the inside and mat fashioners, we have all that you have to make a top of the line mats for your customers. It would be ideal if you email us for any help, we will hit you up in couple of minutes.

  • I never got any reaction of my email?

Usually, we will response to your queries within 5 min to 8 hours, on the off chance that you didn’t  got an email within 8 hours please check your garbage/spam box. On the off chance, despite of everything you have issue please call us straightforward.

For any queries, Please feel free to contact us at contact@lakarpet.com